Do You Have Roots in McGill Nevada

Did your father, grandfather, or great grandfather live in the McGill Clubhouse?
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The Clubhouse as I found it in
June of 2003 . Double-click for
enlarged view.
The Clubhouse as I left it in
early  November,  2004 .
Double-click for enlarged view.
Did your parents, grandparents, or great
grandparents live or work in McGill Nevada? The
McGill Clubhouse, also known as the McGill YMCA,
was the focal point of many of McGill's civic and
social events from 1911 till  1959. Today after
standing abandoned, neglected and abused for
almost 20 years,  the Clubhouse sits as a quiet
testament to brighter, more  prosperous days in
McGill.  I am trying to locate ANY pictures of the
Clubhouse exterior and interior, there were tennis
courts behind the building, and inside the building
there was a swimming pool lined with columns, a
2 lane bowling alley [which was converted to a
shooting gallery in the 40's], a gymnasium, pool
tables, library, and there were dormitories on the
top 2 floors. I hope to restore the Clubhouse to its
original appearance and photographs would help.
Please read the "About Us" page for the story of
how I found the Clubhouse and my hopes and
dreams for her.
I have provided some photo's showing the interior of the Clubhouse so
that you know what to look for. I presently have NO photo's of how the
interior looked, hopefully you might recognize these in your family albums.
The McGill Clubhouse
On the upper 2 floors of the Clubhouse there were 36
dormitory rooms for the single professionals of the Steptoe
Valley Smelting and Mining Company, later the Nevada
Consolidated Copper Company, and finally the Kennecott
Copper Co..  If you know the names of any of the men that
lived in the Clubhouse,  please let me know. I am especially  
interested in any notes, letters or journals of any of the men
that resided in the Clubhouse. I would also be interested in
knowing the accomplishments of these men in later life.
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