The McGill Clubhouse
Clubhouse Photo Album
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From across Hwy 93,
most of the pics I've
found are from this
general angle. The
building was painted
white by the previous
From across the Hwy
showing north wall.
The previous owner
also removed the front
stairwell, the front brick
columns, and bricked
in many of the windows
The back side of the
Clubhouse, the tennis
courts are to the right,
the fence around the
tennis courts has been
Standing inside the
back door facing the
front doors, the
gymnasium is to the
Standing inside the
back door. This area
originally had a library
and reading room.
Standing at front door,
the back doors are to
the left. The original
stairway came down
between the 2 columns.
Looking toward the
back doors and the
stairwell to the 2nd
floor. The stairway to
the basement is
behind the white door.
The gymnasium, the
windows were filled in
with bricks sometime in
the 40's, 50's, or 60's??
The second floor
[south] dormitory area.
The previous owner
completely gutted the
upper 2 floors.
2nd floor [south],
facing north, the last
section of original
stairway can be seen
in upper right of pic
2nd floor [north],
dormitory, the
communal  bathrooms
were on the right
3rd floor [south],
facing north
Third floor [north]
Looking down the
stairwell to the
basement, the hallway
in the next pic is to the
left, pool is to the right.
Basement hallway,
door at end of hall is to
bathroom, the door on
the right side is to
Kitchen, overall in
great shape, needs
new drywall ceiling,
some fresh paint and
new appliances.
The other side of
kitchen, its a big
kitchen. I believe this
area had offices at
one time as there are
2 floor safes.
This area has seen
numerous changes. It
possibly had a billiards
room, and maybe more
offices? Originally
there was a coal fired
boiler , then steam was
piped in from the
smelter for heat. Then
it was changed to an
oil fired boiler, which
the previous owner
The original stairway
would have ended
where I was standing
when I took this pic.
Grand hallway, the 2
lane bowling alley was
at the far end, and it
had an elevated
platform for the pin
boys to stand on.
Later it was changed
to a shooting gallery.
Grand hallway, this
hallway runs along the
entire front of the
building. The doorway at
the end was originally a
window, this is the
doorway at right front
corner of the building.
The swimming pool,
sadly the previous
owner choose to
destroy the trim
around the edge of
the pool. The back
windows are dark
because previous
owner filled in the
back side of building
covering the windows
with dirt.
Another view of the
pool, fortunately the
concrete columns are
have not been
damaged and look at
the cool ceiling. There
is a ledge on both
sides of the pool so
you can stand.
View from the roof
looking east. The
houses circling the
park were reserved for
the management of the
mill and smelter. The
mill/smelter works were
on the hill behind the
houses and office
View from roof looking
west across Steptoe
Valley and the
enormous tailings
fields left by the mill
and smelter. The black
area on the right is
where slag is being
recovered for use as
an abrasive blasting